The Taylor Made Golf Experience is a golfer’s paradise set only a few minutes away from the rambunctious Las Vegas strip. Currently undergoing a major renovation, it will hold a grand re-opening this fall. You’ll be sure to find the new 10,000 square feet complex wonderful. Here are a few reasons why you should check it out.

1.Enjoy peace and tranquility in Las Vegas


Taylormade Golf

The Taylor Made Golf Experience is located a few minutes away from the Las Vegas strip. Before or after spending a few hours enjoying the views and casinos of the noisy area, this destination is great for winding down from all that noise and excitement. Shoot a few holes, breathe the clean air, and enjoy the quiet that you can’t possibly have in downtown Las Vegas. Finally, you can get that panoramic view of Las Vegas that you can’t quite get from the airplane, or on your way to the hotel

2.Try the Tuned Performance

Taylor Made Golf recently introduced its Tuned Performance. This golf equipment fitting combines science, art, and technology to allow players to have a unique and impactful experience with each game. Tuned performances aren’t like traditional custom fittings because these focus on enhancing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. This experience will surely let out the best golfer inside you.

The first step in the Tuned Performance experience is a data-gathering process. This step helps establish a shared understanding of your current game state and our desired game state. Afterwards, specialists analyze the data and use Taylor Made equipment technologies to find the best distance and direction for you to fire your shots. You should check it out here : www.rockbottomgolf.com.

The Taylor Made Golf Experience is a must-go destination for those interested in undergoing the Tuned Performance. They have two bays for customized fitting and optimization of playing style waiting for you.

3.Play golf

Of course, what use is a golfer’s paradise if you can’t play golf? There is really nothing similar to the par-3 course found in Taylor Made Golf Experience. First, it has a spectacular view of the Las Vegas strip. Second, the nine-hole complex will surely be fun and challenging. It’s designed similar to Tour greens, and each hole can range from 110 to 185 yards each. Third, it is specially lighted for night play. Fourth, you can enjoy the reflection of the surrounding desert landscape. All in all, this course is very wonderful for both long and short games.

Golf EquipmentThere’s also a practice range in this complex, which boasts being the largest in Las Vegas. There are 113 stations, where you can choose to hit from a synthetic or a natural turf. The five target greens are strategically positioned on the environmentally friendly, man made surface. Take dead aim at one of these to practice your shots. The range is specially designed to receive shots as if they are real grass in the dry Las Vegas Valley.

Can’t wait until the opening? The par-3 course is open for business even while renovations are being made. The new Taylor Made Golf experience, which will open in fall, is a must-go destination for all types of golfers around the world.

4.Go shopping!

There’s nothing quite like entering a humungous golf store that contains all golf equipment you might possibly need. The new retail area will be more than 4,500 square feet big, boasting the latest Taylor Made equipment, Adidas Golf, soft goods and accessories, and Ashworth footwear and apparel. After having your Tuned Performance, or while at a practice session at the range or a quick game on the par-3 course, you may find something lacking among your stuff. A quick little strut to the nearby store will easily provide you with anything missing.