A mister is a machine that most people have probably seen in some large scale event. Outdoor gatherings, football games and other similar huge events are the typical places where people can find a mist fan.

MISTER FansMist fans are often an enigma for a lot of people. Most people cannot even be bothered to understand how they work. For them, mist fans are just some huge fancy electric fan that blows a bit of water mixed with air.

Understanding how a mist fan works is not really that difficult. All a person needs is a little bit of information. Mist fans are basically electric fans that mix super tiny water droplets with air. The tiny water droplets evaporate because of the heat that they absorb from the environment. This is how a mister makes the air cooler.

There are other facts that people either do not know or often get wrong. Below are some of the simple facts about mist fans.


People are not supposed to get wet

One of the more hilarious mistakes people make about mist fans is that they think they are supposed to get wet. Some people think that the idea behind mist fans is to get people wet.

In fact, a good misting fan will make sure that no person gets wet, at least anyone who stands at least six feet away from it. See, the reason why people do not get wet is because the water is supposed to evaporate before it even makes contact with the human body. Any mister that gets a person wet is either broken or poorly designed which is why it is not working as it was advertised.


They are not as new as people might think

Some people think of mist fans as some novelty piece of machinery. The truth is, mist fans have been around for the longest time. In fact, mist fans were first made more than a decade ago during the 1950’s when they were used by livestock owners to cool their livestock.

Mist fans are becoming more popular or common place nowadays. This is because people are only starting to realize the benefits of using a mist fan over an air conditioner. There are also other applications where mist fans are used for more than just cooling. Mist fans are enjoying increasing use in a wide variety of different applications.


They are used for more than just cooling

Mist fans are typically employed as a cooling solution. Aside from people, some factories actually employ mist fans in order to keep their machines operational. Overheating is a constant issue for a lot of machines. Mist fans help cool the environment and reduce the risk of the machine breaking down because of the heat it generates.


A mister is often employed in industrial settings where odor or dust is a prevalent problem. The water particles that a mist fan produces can help with managing dust or foul odor. This is because the water particles help capture the dust or odor particles and prevent them from spreading around through the air. They have become popular because mist fans are cost effective solutions to serious problems.


They require some amount of maintenance

Owning a mist fan is not as simple as plugging it in, turning it on, and making sure it has enough water to use for the next hour or two. Mist fans, like a lot of machines, require some amount of maintenance. Do not worry, though, the amount of maintenance it takes to keep this machine operational is relatively low. A person simply needs to keep the mister nozzles are clog free and make sure that the pump is cleaned at least once a year.